PSW - Collage Mosaic

From January 21, 2019 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm

PSW Winter 2017 Teaser with border

In our three sessions we will each complete a one-of-a-kind canvas. The process is both simple and playful. We will use imagination, memory and images as inspiration for an abstract or impressionistic picture. This is a playful cut and paste activity. Canvases and some of the materials needed to complete your project will be provided (you will be asked to bring a few household items which are listed on the registration form). There is a cost of $12 (bring to first class). 

Supply list - Please bring these items with you: Newspaper to protect work space, small pointed scissors, white glue (Elmer’s), a small container that seals well (like Tupperware), old magazines for cutting, washcloth and a dish to hold it (we will be using our fingers in the glue).

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