Emergency Freezer Meals

WHY? Everyone goes through times of crisis or need and, during those times, cooking a nutritional meal is difficult and time consuming. But, everyone needs to eat. A ready made frozen meal can fill a sudden or emergency need but more importantly, it is a reminder that the folks at SBC care.

WHO? The frozen meals are made available to anyone who needs a ONE TIME meal. Church attendance or membership is not required.  (Longer term meal needs are met through the “TAKE THEM A MEAL” ministry – call Pam Borchert 250 801 4366 or church office 250 494 3881).

WHERE? The frozen meals are prepared by a team of volunteers (food-safe certified), labelled and stored in the upright freezer in downstairs kitchen at SBC.

HOW? If a meal is required, an Emergency Meal Ministry Coordinator (listed on freezer) should be contacted. Arrangements will be made to have the meal picked up at a prearranged time.

WHAT? The meals are nutritious, labelled (ingredients and cooking instructions) and dated.

FOOD PREP: Gail Hunt, Pam Borchert, Vida Jones, Vonda Parker, Yvonne Said, John Amm.

Sunday Services: 9:00 & 11:00 am

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