Emergency Freezer Meals

WHY? Everyone goes through times of crisis or need and during those times, cooking a nutritional meal is difficult and time consuming. But, everyone needs to eat. A readymade frozen meal can fill a sudden or emergency need but more importantly, it is a reminder that the folks at SBC care.

WHO? The frozen meals are made available to anyone who needs a ONE TIME meal. Church attendance or membership is not required. (Longer term meal needs are met through the Take Them A Meal Ministry.

WHERE? The frozen meals are prepared by a team of volunteers (food-safe certified), labelled and stored in the upright freezer in the downstairs kitchen at SBC.

HOW? If a meal is required, an Emergency Meal Ministry Coordinator (listed on freezer) should be contacted. Arrangements will be made to have the meal delivered by a volunteer delivery person or picked up at a prearranged time. The team will prepare meals monthly (depending on need).

WHAT? The meals are nutritious, labelled (ingredients and cooking instructions) and dated.

What is available?
(Meals are available in servings of two and four. Larger families will receive two meals.)

1. Shepherd’s Pie
2. Harvest Soup
3. Oven baked Chicken Fajitas
4. Kid’s macaroni and cheese casserole
5. Lasagna and Lasagna Rolls
6. Buns and Cookies

What to do if an emergency meal is required? 
Call one of the Coordinators (numbers are listed in the SBC Directory) or the SBC Office (250-494-3881) to make arrangements for the pick up or delivery of a meal.

COORDINATORS: Gail Hunt, Vida Jones, Vonda Parker, Yvonne Said, Pat Gartrell and Pam Borchert

Sunday Services: 9:00 & 11:00 am

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