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Define The Relationship

We sat high on the bank above the Red River deeply engaged in the talk. We were friends, had dated occasionally and really enjoyed each other's company. I was contemplating leaving the city for work and she didn’t want me to leave. What exactly did that mean? Were we more than friends? Was this relationship about to change into something more? What would it mean if we became a couple? How exclusive would we be and where did we see this relationship going? I was eager for clarity, she was hesitant and with lots of words we came to an understanding that changed our lives. Two years later we sought the blessings of God as we joined our lives in marriage before family and friends. The talk we had that day was the beginning: we defined the relationship (D.T.R.).

‘Defining the relationship’ conversations are always full of excitement and hesitations, concerns and questions, clarifications and compromises. Most of us have had them at one time or another and they all served the same purpose: to clarify exactly what was happening in a particular relationship. Interestingly, Jesus also had numerous D.T.R. conversations but they were quite different from the conversation we had on the river bank all those years ago. Our D.T.R. conversation was very much a dialogue with give and take, clarification and adjustments. When Jesus had his D.T.R. conversations, however, they were very one sided. He gave the invitation: “Follow me” – and when people tried to negotiate a better deal his response was always the same: follow or don’t. Clearly Jesus was interested in only one type of relationship: he leads and we follow.

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