Family Practice

When you hear the word practice, what thoughts come to mind?

Do you think of practicing the piano or some other instrument? Do sports like baseball, soccer or hockey and their many practice sessions come to mind? Do you envision practicing your lines for a play or a skit? Or do you think of someone engaged in a profession, as in practicing law or medicine? According to The Oxford Dictionary of Current English the word practice means: to perform habitually, as in a carrying out a profession; and/or to do repeatedly as an exercise to improve a skill. So if you thought of any of the examples above you are thinking of the word in keeping with its current definition.

Now, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase family practice? Do you envision a medical professional specializing in family needs? Most people do because if you do an internet search that is what pops up most often. What if we push the definition limits of common usage just slightly however, with the idea of practice as an exercise to improve a skill and link it to family? What would family practice look like if we were trying to exercise the skills we need in order to improve being a family? In fact, what would happen if all families practiced these skills so much it became the most common usage for an internet search of family practice?

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