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Our God Given Values

Values are crucial to our lives.

Like a computer operating system they automatically dictate our behavior and choices. The dictionary defines values as our principles or standards of behavior that we automatically and often unknowingly use to make a judgment about what is important. All of us have them and to some degree they are unique to each of us. We may share some values with others but anyone who has ever been married or ever had a long term friendship knows how unique our personal values are and how easy it is to unknowingly offend our partner’s/friend's values. For instance, if someone places a high value on privacy they almost always prefer to keep the details of their life private. What happens then when their spouse or friend innocently passes information to others as a “prayer request”? Deep hurt, confusion, frustration and long term damage almost always follow such an innocent action. Why? A strongly held personal value of privacy was crossed. Both values were good and healthy choices: prayer is always a good thing and something’s should be kept private. So why was there conflict and hurt? The values clashed.

What is true for people is just as true for Churches.

Just as people often hold strong personal values, so do Churches...

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