Ask any techie about a computer problem and the first question they ask is: “Have you tried rebooting?” The simple truth is that rebooting solves many problems as it essentially clears everything and starts over. According to, rebooting “dumps out the junk and starts everything over again fresh”.

Sounds like something a lot of us need, doesn’t it? Many of us long to be able to clear the junk out of our lives and start over. Clear out our closets, garage and storage areas and start over. Clear out all the stuff that we have cluttering up our heads, hearts and relationships and start over. Clear out all of the thoughts and habits that make our life of faith complex and start over. We need some type of a reboot for our lives and souls that will do for us what rebooting will do for our computers. We need something that will move us past the point of being frozen in our life and faith.

The good news is the Bible provides one.

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