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Son Ripe: Pure Natural Goodness

Son Ripe: Pure Natural Goodness

The Okanagan is renowned for beauty and fruit. People travel here for the beautiful blossom festivals, wine tours and fruit seasons. It is not unusual at all to see vehicles pulling out of local fruit stands with hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit or fruit products. It is safe to say that fruitfulness and the Okanagan are virtually synonymous.

Now imagine with me that you are walking through a local orchard or vineyard and you notice that some trees or vines have an abundance of fruit and some seem to be almost barren. Or that a grape vine that should be loaded with ripening fruit has somehow instead sprouted garbage. Would you wonder what was going on? Would you be curious why one tree produced an abundance of fruit and another was barren? You might even assume that someone was playing a prank since you know that grape vines really don’t produce garbage.

If you can imagine that scenario than let us think about this in terms of the Christian life. Did you know that fruitfulness and Christianity are also virtually synonymous?

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