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Strong & Courageous

At Summerland Baptist Church, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era! We are moving into new leadership (Pastoral and Leadership Board), looking at fresh potential and territory, refocused vision and Kingdom perspective. The book of Joshua, in many ways, parallels where we are at and will provide us with the foundation for wonderful introspection, evaluation, discussion and personal and church growth. 

“Joshua is a book about God in action. The dramatic events recorded in its pages have only one satisfactory explanation; the same God who miraculously delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt forty years earlier, equally miraculously  brought them in to the land of Canaan He had promised to them. This is not a record of what Joshua did for God so much as a record of what God did through Joshua. The principles that enable God to work in human experience are demonstrated and taught against the realistic background of conflict, failure and human frailty. While teaching the reality of warfare, Joshua reveals the possibility of victory. It teaches us that failure need never lead to despair but may become the springboard to a greater trust and confidence in God.” (‘Discovering Joshua’ by Charles Price)  

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