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What Are You Looking For?

We see what we look for.

Parents look for their children in the crowd, perfectionists look for flaws and errors and shopaholics are tuned to sale signs. Accountants look for the bottom line, artists and photographers notice perfect light and cynics look for reasons to not trust. Lovers look for the one who holds their heart, truth seekers look for shades of meaning and critics look for reasons to vent. The truth is as simple as it is obvious; we see what we look for.

Do it long enough and it becomes more than a habit; the practice becomes our reputation. We can easily think of people who are sensitive to certain types of stimulus. We know, even if they don’t, that they will react to specific things. Their heart will beat faster and words will flow uncontrollably. Negatively, it is why we avoid certain people, unfriend them on Face Book, and
limit contact. Positively it is why we like to have coffee with some people or enjoy hearing their voice when the phone rings. We see what we look for and it impacts our lives and reputations, whether we know it or not.

So, when it comes to Christmas, what do you look for?

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