Who is God?

Adam and Eve found themselves in a challenging place. They were in paradise, had meaningful work, were walking and talking with God and had each other for companionship. In many ways they were experiencing a perfect life; the kind of life that many long for these days. Then one day the serpent spoke to them and called God’s character into question. His insinuations: Did God really say? You will not surely die and God knows that you will become like him, questioned God’s honesty, integrity, and goodness. Eve’s sudden lack of certainty in God’s character coupled with the temptation before her led to a very bad choice – she didn’t trust God and therefore she did what he told her not to do. She then shared her bad choice with Adam and the rest is literally history.

Our entire planet has a history of bad choices upon bad choices (what the Bible calls sin), and it all began with Adam and Eve’s lack of certainty in God’s character. They didn’t believe he was good, could be trusted, and that he was being lovingly protective by telling them not to eat of the tree. Out of their false beliefs about God they made their choice and we now live with the consequences.

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