Youth Ministries

Impact Youth

Get out and join us on Fridays for Impact, a jam-packed evening of crazy games, great snacks, and life changing truth. When you join us at Impact you’ll find a group of leaders eager to connect with you. You’ll show up and maybe head to the gym for some dodgeball, head to the youth room for some Mario Kart or giant Connect Four, or head to Area 45 for a crazy game of Dutch Blitz. Then we’ll all do some group games together either in the gym or outside or through the whole church. We’ll stop for a snack and you’ll hear us share a short message about Jesus, some questions, and we’ll sit together and talk about them.

Fridays | 7-9pm | Grade 6-8

Ignite Youth

Come and connect with us at Ignite. It’s a great time of awesome group games, snacks, and an opportunity to connect about real issues and talk about how Jesus changes everything. The evening begins with a chill hangout time. We’ve got video games, board games, pool, and games in the gym. We’ll get together for either a big game in the gym, a group game in the youth room, or a wide game outside. Then we’ll grab a snack and gather in the youth room. A youth leader will share a short teaching on Jesus along with some questions and then we’ll talk together and discuss them and share our own questions.

Wednesdays | 7-9pm | Grade 9-12

SoulFire Studies

SoulFire Studies are focused on creating an opportunity for middle and high school students to discover the wonder of the Bible and to wrestle as a community with what it is, what it means, and how it applies. SoulFire for middle school is on Thursdays from 3:30 – 5:00pm, for high school students it’s on Fridays at the same time. Feel free to come right after school and hang out together early. Our time together will include some short games in the gym, a snack, then meeting as small groups to go through a passage together, and then talking through what it means, our questions, and what we can learn about God and ourselves. Our studies will include reading our Bibles, watching videos, participating in activities, going through handouts, drawing on whiteboards, and lots of questions. Come with your Bible ready to learn from each other. We are happy to provide you with a Bible if you need one.

Thursdays | 3:30-5pm | Grades 6-8

Tuesdays | 3:30-5pm | Grades 9-12

Just Noodles

A great place to spend your lunch break. Bring your own lunch or grab a bowl of noodles for a dollar. Hang out together in the youth room, Area 45, or the gym before heading back to school.

Wednesdays | 12:45 – 1:45pm | Grades 9-12

Interested in working with us?

SBCyouth Schedule

Want to Volunteer?

We’re building a community of adults and young adults eager to connect with the youth in our community, to build authentic relationships, and nurture a culture of mentorship. Investing in our youth is all about community. If you’re interested in getting involved I’d love to buy you a coffee, hear what’s on your heart, and share the vision of SBCyouth. Get in touch with me, I’d love the opportunity to connect with you.

– Dustin

Youth Pastor

(Please note that you must have been attending SBC for at least 6 months and be willing to undergo a criminal record check in order to work directly with youth.)