Spudz 2.0

SPUDZ 2.0 takes all the great things about Spudz and adds *dad.  Spudz is a place where boys gain a deeper sense of connection, belonging and faith. Our goals for adding dads to Spudz 2.0 is to create space for dads and sons to:

  • Have important conversations
  • Strengthen their bond 
  • Partner with dad as he disciples his boy(s). 


This 6 week study group for dads and sons (grade 4-6) is called Level Up. It focuses on the following critical issues for boys: 

  • Identity
  • Emotions,
  • Friendship
  • Technology 
  • Faith 


Every other week starting Oct 5th dads and sons will meet at SBC from 6:30-8pm. A leader will guide the group through an icebreaker activity, teaching video, discussion time, and hang out. The last week of the session is on Dec 2 with Jingle Jam: A Christmas party big enough for the whole family.

* or stepdad, uncle, grandpa or special friend.

Grade 1-3 boys and dad’s 5 week study will begin Winter 2024.


SPUDZ Boys Club supports Project Backpack. CLICK HERE to learn more about this intiative that seeks to provide a measure of comfort and tangible care to children who are being removed from their home and newly placed in the foster care system.