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  • His Story

    SBC Blog

    His Story

    Dustin and Christy, dear friends to many here at SBC, share their hearts and passion and where God is leading them in this video. We encourage you to pray for the Heigh family during this time of transition, and please also pray for the new Director of Hope Bay Bible Camp and his family as they transition in. 

  • Family Camp in Photos

    SBC Blog C&F Youth

    Family Camp in Photos

    In last week's post, Tianna interviewed her kids about Family Camp. It turns out her kids have a lot of insight! When asked if they feel special at Family Camp, Kasey replied, "Yes, because a lot of people really just love each other there". Jada said that Family Camp "shows the world that we like to be together". Today's post is a collection of photos and a video that prove Kasey and Jada's point...

    Special thanks to Bailey Burdick and Brad Riemer for creating this awesome video, and to Erna Schram and Cheri Peters for capturing so many special moments in photos. 


    Photo Credit for the following photos: Erna Schram
    Family Camp ES 01

    Family Camp ES 36

    Family Camp ES 34

    Family Camp ES 30

    Family Camp ES 13

    Family Camp ES 33

    Family Camp ES 32

    Family Camp ES 31

    Family Camp ES 11

    Family Camp ES 35

    Family Camp ES 28

    Family Camp ES 27

    Family Camp ES 26

    Family Camp ES 25

    Family Camp ES 24

    Family Camp ES 23

    Family Camp ES 22

    Family Camp ES 21

    Family Camp ES 20

    Family Camp ES 19

    Family Camp ES 18

    Family Camp ES 17

    Family Camp ES 16

    Family Camp ES 15

    Family Camp ES 14

    family camp 2015 13

    Family Camp ES 12

    Family Camp ES 29

    Family Camp ES 10

    Family Camp ES 02

    Family Camp ES 03

    Family Camp ES 05

    Family Camp ES 06

    Family Camp ES 04

    Family Camp ES 08

    Family Camp ES 07

    Family Camp ES 09

     Photo credit for the following photos: Cheri Peters
    family camp 2015 01

    family camp 2015 02

    family camp 2015 03

    family camp 2015 04

    family camp 2015 05

    family camp 2015 06

    family camp 2015 07

    family camp 2015 08

    family camp 2015 09

    family camp 2015 10

    family camp 2015 11

    family camp 2015 12

    family camp 2015 13

    family camp 2015 14

    family camp 2015 15

    family camp 2015 17

    family camp 2015 16

  • Family Camp 2015

    SBC Blog C&F

    Family Camp 2015

    From the first year Luke and I attended Family Camp, we could see just how special it was not only for us, but for our kids as well. This year was fantastic and we thought it would be kind of neat for you all to get a glimpse of how our kids see it. So this last week I took time with each of our kids: Danai (8), Kasey (7), Jada (4) and Teagan (3) to interview them about their experience. I have to say some of their answers are so much more profound than I was anticipating and it has confirmed even more how awesome Family Camp is! I promise these are 100% their words. Enjoy!

    image1 2

    Do you feel special at Family Camp? Why?

    Danai: It depends…it felt special to do the photo booth and to go tubing.

    Kasey: Yes, because my friends play with me and people help me when I need help, like they help me get my food.

    Jada: Yes, because a lot of people really just love each other there.

    Teagan: Yeah, because God is there.


    What can you do at Family Camp that you can’t do anywhere else?

    Danai: Hang out on the half pipe and do team relay races.

    Kasey: you can throw Cheetos at people.

    Jada: Play at that park.

    Teagan: ummmmmm

    image2 1

    What was the best part?

    Danai: Doing stuff together with other families.

    Kasey: Helping Uncle Brad and Easton’s dad play golf in the field.

    Jada: The talent show. I loved the swimming one!

    Teagan: I loved the talent show and Grover! And Grandpa loves him and Grover can’t walk.

    image6 1

    Is there anything you don’t like?

    Danai: That it’s hard to fall asleep.

    Kasey: The only part I don’t like is the leaving part.

    Jada: No!

    Teagan: I don’t like getting hurt on my knees and there’s no toy cars there.


    Who is Family Camp for?

    Danai: Everyone!

    Kasey: Everybody.

    Jada: Anyone can go!

    Teagan: Umm, who Mom?


    How do you think Family Camp shows people God’s love?

    Danai: We sing, learn at chapel and we get to hang out and build relationships.

    Kasey: It shows the world we like to be together.

    Jada: The Grover story helped us to learn about God.

    Teagan: Can I have a snack?


    What was your favourite meal?

    Danai: Pasta with meatballs.

    Kasey: Croissants

    Jada: The hot chocolate.

    Teagan: So can I have food?


    Is there anything else you would like to tell people about Family Camp?

    Danai: If they come, they will have lots of fun.

    Kasey: No matter what, Family Camp is always fun and Jesus is always with you.

    Jada: It’s awesome. They will love it. They can learn about God a lot.

    Teagan: My Spiderman backpack goes there too.

    image4 1

    image5 1


  • Reboot- System Restore

    SBC Blog

    Reboot- System Restore

    Reboot teaser

    Our email program was frozen. We could open the program and enter the email address but at that point everything stopped. We couldn’t type the message or even get the mouse to respond. Attempt after attempt failed until finally we rebooted the computer and then everything suddenly worked again. What happened? The reboot restored the system.

    Ask any techie about a computer problem and the first question they ask is: “Have you tried rebooting?” The simple truth is that rebooting solves many problems as it essentially clears everything and starts over. According to lifehacker.com, rebooting “dumps out the junk and starts everything over again fresh”.

    Sounds like something a lot of us need, doesn’t it? Many of us long to be able to clear the junk out of our lives and start over. Clear out our closets, garage and storage areas and start over. Clear out all the stuff that we have cluttering up our heads, hearts and relationships and start over. Clear out all of the thoughts and habits that make our life of faith complex and start over. We need some type of a reboot for our lives and souls that will do for us what rebooting will do for our computers. We need something that will move us past the point of being frozen in our life and faith.

    The good news is the Bible provides one.

    In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians he offers them a reboot of sorts. They needed to start over in a couple of key areas and move past the point of being stuck. They were in essence stuck at a point of system malfunction in their faith and they couldn’t get anything to work as it should. They were stuck over the issue of leadership, frozen over questions about sexuality, marriage and divorce, unresponsive regarding real worship and at an impasse over whether they should even listen to the man who started the church. So Paul gave them a reboot – a return to the original operating system - that dumped out the junk and started everything over again fresh.

    It is a reboot that many of us need. The issues that brought Corinth to an impasse are once again prominent in our world and faith assemblies. Many Churches and individuals are as stuck as a frozen computer program. Complex and controversial issues have left many of us unable to process and respond. We need a reboot and the study of 1 Corinthians will provide one. Therefore we are going to work our way through the entire book for as long as it takes. Passage by passage and issue by issue, we will wrestle with some of the most controversial questions of our day. In the process, we pray that many lives and souls will be rebooted once again as junk is dumped out and our faith system is refreshed. Do you need a reboot? Then join us each week starting September 20th.

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