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  • A Letter from our Leadership

    SBC Blog

    A Letter from our Leadership

    This letter is both the background for and an invitation to our Congregational Meeting to be held on Monday, October 20, in the gym at 6:30. Childcare will be available for children in grade 5 and younger.


    Dear Summerland Baptist Church Family,

    DID YOU KNOW that there are some very important issues facing our church family and that these need to be addressed? Please be assured that they are “good” challenges resulting from the ongoing growth of our church family and its impact on our community.

    As was previously outlined in a Sunday morning service, we want our church’s vision to be fulfilled according to what God calls us to and not to be shaped or restricted by our facility. But, doing nothing is no longer an option.

    So…. We need to talk, dream and of course, pray.


    That the fireside room and gym is in use EVERY WEEKDAY (AND SUNDAY)?

    That we have 72 girls in our bi-weekly SPARKS Girls club and they are running out of room?

    That we have no meeting rooms available on Sunday morning for additional classes or discussions?

    That we have no place to hold newcomers’ or church lunches on a Sunday morning?

    That our staff spends many hours each week setting up and taking down for each event?

    We want the church family to come together in an open discussion regarding the opportunities and challenges facing Summerland Baptist Church. We invite EVERYONE who attends our church to come out on October 20, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. Childcare will be provided for children Grade 5 and younger.

    We will use a table discussion format that allows for everyone to have an opportunity to speak and share ideas. The goal of this night is discussion only and seeking the mind and heart of God. No final decisions will be made.

    In preparation for our evening together, we encourage you to pray, think and talk about the following questions:

    1. What one thing could we do that would make the single biggest difference for marriages and families right now?
    2. Thinking outside the box, what are some of the options we need to address regarding the immediate and long term space question at SBC?
    3. What are the pros and cons of each of these options?

    Each of these questions will be introduced and framed by an introduction that will help us understand the issues/options. Discussions will follow and all of the results will be collated and made available to the church family.

    Please remember that this discussion is relevant to everyone, of all ages and stages of life – our  WHOLE church family. What an amazing opportunity to enter into God’s future for Summerland Baptist Church! Please take the time to invite or encourage others to come.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Your Leadership Board


  • Something to Celebrate

    SBC Blog

    Something to Celebrate


    Do you (or someone you know) have something to celebrate? A birth in the family? A milestone birthday or anniversary? A special award?

    As a church family we want to celebrate with you! We'd love for you to send the pertinent details and a photo or two to the church office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we'll highlight it in one of our blog posts. 

    Let's celebrate the good things that are happening in our lives!

  • Father's Heart Fundraising

    SBC Blog C&F

    Father's Heart Fundraising

    What a great show of generosity and support at our Hot Dog and Ice Cream Fundraiser and our Annual Harvest Sale. The proceeds from these two events will enable the first group of students who are completing their elementary years (grade 8) to continue on with a high school education. This is a major key to breaking the cycle of poverty, enabling students to pursue further training and receive gainful employment.

    Presently, the Father's Heart School is only funded to provide education up to Grade 8. The funds raised from these two events will be enough to hire a teacher for a full year and provide the necessary curriculum, books, school lunches etc. Thankyou for your amazing generosity and your continued support and prayers.

    Here are a few great photos from the BBQ fundraiser (thanks, Erna!):

    FH Hot Dog Sale 2

    FH Hot Dog Sale 1

    FH Hot Dog Sale 4

    FH Hot Dog Sale 5

    FH Hot Dog Sale 3

    FH Hot Dog Sale 6

    FH Hot Dog Sale 7

    FH Hot Dog Sale 8

    FH Hot Dog Sale 9

    FH Hot Dog Sale 10

    FH Hot Dog Sale 11

    FH Hot Dog Sale 12

    FH Hot Dog Sale 13

    FH Hot Dog Sale 14

    FH Hot Dog Sale 15

    FH Hot Dog Sale 16

    FH Hot Dog Sale 17

    A big thank you to Alex and Gordon who made and sold their special creations to help raise support!

    FH Hot Dog Sale 18

    Here is a video of four of the girls who will now have the opportunity to receive a High School education:


    It was a beautiful day and we are so touched and thankful for the love and generosity the SBC family continually pours out. Thank You!

  • Hope Aglow Garage Sale

    SBC Blog

    Hope Aglow Garage Sale

    There is a rescued little girl, in a safe home in the ghetto, that faithfully prays the same prayer every night. She sees that their shack is overcrowded - thirteen girls and only ten beds - and has been told all about this new land that is spacious and safe. With cabins and beds for all, and plenty of room to grow. A fenced acreage of fertile land, they can run safely for acres and enjoy the abundant fruit trees.

    This sweet little girl prays, with hopeful eyes and an expectant heart, that one day she’ll get to climb those trees and enjoy the fruit. She prays that one day the land will be theirs.

    newhopegirl  girlswithtrees 2   

    Hope Aglow is an anti-trafficking nonprofit organization that supports these children at Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Girls) in the Dominican Republic. Our team visited them on a Vision Trip last fall, and built bunk beds at their safe home for girls. After we left, they welcomed even more girls in and they currently have thirteen girls living at the home and only ten beds. They also have an onsite school and open up their place during the day to educate girls who are at-risk/rescued from trafficking. They teach these 32 girls, disciple them, equip them and pray with them.

    New Hope Girls has outgrown their place in the ghetto, and greatly desires to continue expanding their reach. A couple years ago, God gave the leaders a vision of land full of mature fruit trees, and space for the girls to run and play in freedom.

    “Clear lots of ground for your tent! Make your tents large. Spread Out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family." Isaiah 54

    There is an ideal property on the outskirts of town that New Hope Girls’ feels led to fundraise for. It is large and fenced with cabins, clean water and hundreds of mature fruit trees. Hope Aglow is supporting them by raising funds for the purchase of this acreage- which was once used as a Baptist Church Camp. We stand by them and pray that their vision and hope will be realized. We are praying for the day they will have the property, housing and resources to be able to facilitate the rescue and rehabilitation of more girls.

    Hope Aglow held a large garage sale fundraiser for them at Summerland Baptist Church on September 13th and it was a success! It was a beautiful, sunny morning and there were so many donations that poured in the week prior - there was something at the sale for everyone. Hundreds of people from the community and local churches came to shop, donate and enjoy goodies & coffee from the bake sale.

    We are thrilled and thankful to God that together we raised $2,560.60 to go towards the purchase of the land. What a blessing!

    A huge thank you to the Summerland Baptist family for opening your arms wide in love and support for this cause. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated, baked and shopped! We are so grateful.

    If you are interested in learning more about New Hope’s vision, visit here: newhopegirlsacademy.org


    Teresa Braam and the Hope Aglow team




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