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  • Mexico Update - Wednesday

    SBC Blog Youth

    Mexico Update - Wednesday

    Wednesday March 25, 2015

    Today I dug a hole. A big hole. A deep hole. I dug the hole for the new bano (bathroom) for the family. By the time I had finished it, I was eight feet under ground in a 3' x 4' hole waiting for Simon to return with the ladder so I could get out. I was also having some flashbacks to the movie "The Great Escape".

    Wednesday 6

    Our team did a great job today. We finished the roof and painted the house. I have actually never seen a roof go up so fast before. The painting was challenging when all the local kids decided to help out. Many of the painters ended up with little hand prints on their shirts and pants as they painted.

    Wednesday 1

    Wednesday 2

    Wednesday 4

    Wednesday 5

    Wednesday 7

    This morning we had a team go to a pre-school to do ministry with skits, songs and crafts. The school was very welcoming and it was evident of how much the teachers have invested into these students. With a little guidance from Sarah, the youth basically ran the whole time with the kids. Jensen particularly did great at heading up the team. The kids quickly warmed up to the youth as they did crafts and coloured and played in the playground together.

    Wednesday 3

    In the afternoon another team went and visited a woman's shelter that cares for 5 women, 25 children and 11 babies. Most of these families share a single bed together. Tammy spent the afternoon holding babies while Toni, Jensen, and Delaney washed the feet of these woman and did their nails. Meanwhile, Nan and Erin worked with the kids on a pillow sewing project. It was wonderful to hear the stories of transformation in these women's lives through this shelter.

    Tonight we also attended the church that our Mexican family attends. It was awesome to be led in worship by two young girls singing their hearts out to Jesus with no music for 25 minutes. We shared some music and a testimony of God saving me and Sarah's family in the tsunami. The Pastor in turn shared her testimony as well.

    Wednesday 8

    Tomorrow we will have another team go to another school and provide a meal for the people that live at the Garbage dump. At the house we will finishing making beds for the family and make purchases to furnish the house.

    Please continue to keep us in your prayers!

  • Mexico Update - Tuesday

    SBC Blog Youth

    Mexico Update  - Tuesday

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Today we began the adventure of building a house for our Mexican family. We had a very special time getting to know Yuri and her five children at the work site. Yuri shared how the gift of this house was a tangible example of God's love and grace to her family. She shared how last summer she ran out of food and didn't know how she was going to feed her five kids and how "coincidentally", Heather, one of the One Life One Chance leaders "happened" to come by that very day with food for her. That was how the process began for her to get this house. God's timing is great! It was quite emotional to hear her share her desire to provide for her family and her inability to do so, all the while we could see her current home made of cardboard in the background. She wanted us to know that we were an answer to her prayers for help.

    Tuesday 3

    Tuesday 4

    We ended up spending an extended time with her in the morning as our lumber hadn't been delivered yet. Fortunately, Pastor Victoriana was there as well and invited our team to practice our Bible skits and songs in her church as we waited for the lumber to arrive.

    Tuesday 1

    Tuesday 2

    At 11:30 am our lumber finally arrived and we began working as fast as we could to make up for the lost time. We weren't just making up the lost time from that morning but also the fact that we have one less day to build our house than we normally would because of our flights. I was very proud our team as they jumped at it. It was quite amazing as Craig Meadow, Nick Braam and Rob Wall directed building different walls as I held the instructions and directed where each piece of cut wood should go.

    Tuesday 7

    The nails never stood a chance as our team hammered away. For some of our team members this was the first time ever hammering and by the end of the day they were hammering like the pros. It was also the first time for many team members to use a chop saw and circular saw. It was satisfying to watch as they experienced that power first hand. More than one team member raised their arms in victory as they finished using the saw.

    Tuesday 8

    As we continued to build, some of the team went off to prep the material brought to be used in the schools that we will visit this week. With God's help and eager hearts we managed to put the walls and roof up today.

    Tuesday 6

    Our goal for tomorrow is to sheet the roof and paint the walls of the house. We will also have our first visit to a local school. Apparently the school is very excited for us to come as they have been waiting and hoping a group would show up with the labour unrest. Please pray that tomorrow would go peacefully as the companies will be officially responding to the demands of the labourers. Hopefully, they will get what they want and no violence will erupt if the response is not what they want.

    Tuesday 10


  • Something to Celebrate!

    SBC Blog

    Something to Celebrate!

    On Friday, March 13 at 11 pm, Dave and Cheri Peters received a text from their son Donny in Edmonton at announcing that "Zosha Love Peters came flying into the world about an hour ago". Zosha's two sisters, Zaylee Faith (4 years old) and Nyla Joy (2 years old), were excited to have a newborn baby in the family but a little disappointed that she only eats and sleeps and can't play with them yet.

    Donny with Zosha croppedTamara with Zosha













    Zaylee FaithNyla Joy











    Zosha arrived over 2 weeks early and weighed in at 7lb 8oz. She was born at home with the help of midwives and Daddy. Zosha arrived in time to attend her sister Zaylee's birthday party on Saturday morning, which went ahead as planned! 

    Peters Bday Party

    Dave and Cheri feel richly blessed and thank God for these little treasures!


    Do you (or someone you know) have something to celebrate? A birth in the family? A milestone birthday or anniversary? A special award? As a church family we want to celebrate with you! We'd love for you to send the pertinent details and a photo or two to the church office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we'll highlight it in one of our blog posts. Let's celebrate the good things that are happening in our lives!

  • Meet our Mexican Family

    SBC Blog Youth

    Meet our Mexican Family

    Yuri and children

    This spring break our youth mission team is heading to San Quintin Mexico to build a family for Yuri Estela Flex Dorado. Yuri has five children. Her children’s names are Maria (12), Nikcia (10), Gael (7), Lliana (5), and Angel (3). They currently live in a house made of cardboard and plastic. Yuri is a single mother and is the only one that is employed.  

    Our plan is to build her a three bedroom house with a kitchen rancher. The house will be rather simple by Canadian standards. It will have a cement foundation and plywood walls. It is my understanding that she already has water and electricity. Along with the house, we will also be building beds and providing whatever basic furnishing that is required. My favorite part of this trip is when we have finished their home, we share a meal with them around their new kitchen. It is at that moment that the reality that we are family, which is brothers and sisters in Christ, becomes tangible.

    Thank you for all your support as we have fundraised for this trip. We still have some fundraising to go and would appreciate any last donation that will push us over the top. And most importantly, we would cherish your prayers for health and safety as we head down on March 22nd.

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