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  • Practical Skills Workshops

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    Practical Skills Workshops

    During the month of April, SBC launched a new initiative called Practical Skills Workshops (PSW's) intended to pass on useful and needed skills from experienced practitioners to those who would benefit from these skills. We began with three workshops:

    1. Fly Fishing: A great skill/recreation that can be shared and enjoyed by families, couples and individuals. This 3 session workshop series was instructed by Dave Gartrell who has had a lifetime passion for fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Approximately 15 people participated including fathers and their kids, wives, couples and some individuals. Dave covered some theory and equipment involved in fly fishing and then took the group into the park for some hands-on practice before heading to Agur lake to try some real fishing. Unfortunately, a ‘blizzard’ put a bit of a damper on that event. The group still plans on another trip in better weather to put their skills to the test!

    Agur Lake 2

    Agur Lake 1

    Agur Lake 3

    2. RV Maintenance: With basic Spring maintenance inspections and tune-ups costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, Dan Virgint’s workshop will likely pay financial dividends for years to come for those who attended. Approximately 17 people participated as Dan explained equipment, theory, and maintenance scheduling and demonstrated practical skills to prepare any RV for seasonal use. Dan even brought his own 5th wheel for demonstration purposes and those involved left with skills, information and extra money in their pockets!

    PSW RV 1

    PSW RV 2

    PSW RV 3

    PSW RV 4

    3. Hair Cutting: Have you ever considered how much a family spends each year on haircuts? 15 people decided that it was time to learn how to save some of that cash by attending a 3 night workshop taught by Jenny Kunka and Joanne Altena. By the final session, participants brought their own victim model to practice on and hone their skills.

     PSW hair cutting

    All of these workshops were offered by people who have acquired these skills over a lifetime and now desire to pass them on to those who would benefit from them. This is one more way we at SBC can connect our older folks who have passions and skills to younger families and individuals who can benefit for years to come. We plan to continue to offer these PSW’s two to three times per year for the betterment of all ages. Currently, some of the ideas for future PSW’s are: Tree Pruning, Quilting, Small Motor Maintenance, Sewing, Canning, Painting and Bicycle Maintenance. If you have other ideas you would like to see us include, please pass these on to Pastor Del.

  • Like A Child

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    Like A Child

    Mark 10:15 tells us that unless we receive the kingdom of God like a child, we will not enter it at all! So what are the qualities in a child that make them so acceptable to God? To find out, we need to spend time with children and mine the depths of their heart, intentions, creativity, openness and sense of wonder.

    The Seniors at our Beacon Initiatives Games Day did just that on April 28th. The grade one class under the direction of their teacher Edna Dyck, arrived on our door step for the express purpose of spending time with our Seniors down in the Fireside room. The children were broken up into three groups and then rotated through three activity stations: Dominoes, carpet bowling and the craft table where they sat with an adult person to work on completing and coloring their Mothers Day Booklets.

    There was laughter, squeals of joy, bright inquisitive eyes, clapping of hands, and many, many questions… and all that was from the Seniors! The children seemed to genuinely enjoy this time with a whole room full of ‘Grandpa’s and Grandma’s’ who both taught and learned through the interaction. The children had even been prepped on how to address an older person, treat the Seniors with respect and to introduce themselves. Once the children were gone, Pastor Del shared a devotional on coming to Christ with a child like faith.

    A great time was enjoyed by all and we are reminded once again of the importance of both young and old connecting as family!

    like a child 1

    like a child 2

    like a child 3

    like a child 4

    like a child 5

    like a child 7

    like a child 8

    like a child 9

    like a child 6


  • Passover

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    passover 1

    For the 8 weeks prior to Easter this spring, our Senior’s Eyes On Truth Bible Study focused on the 7 Feasts of Israel. Have you ever wondered what those are all about? Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles… all have profound and practical significance in our ‘New Testament’ understanding. Few of us have studied or understand how each of these Old Testament feasts all point to the person of Jesus Christ.

    To conclude our study series, we held an authentic Passover Feast on Thursday afternoon just prior to Good Friday. The feast included the key elements of the Passover meal such as: Matza Bread, Fruit of the vine, Bitter Herbs, Lamb shank bone, charoset, roasted egg, salt water (tears) and concluded with a meal of Lamb chops, rice and asparagus (prepared and served to us by Dan and Erica Virgint).

    The entire meal was shared by those in attendance (19 Seniors) who participated in readings, activities, songs and prayers. At the end of the table was an authentic Menorah candle stand as would be found in a Jewish synagogue and indeed the Jewish temple.

    The Passover meal was first celebrated as the children of Israel were asked to put the blood of the lamb on the door post of their house and prepare unleavened bread and lamb as the angel of death ‘Passed Over’ their home as a sign of their obedience and surrender to the sovereignty of God (Ex. 12). All who participated in this study and the concluding meal have found new significance in this age old celebration and have been spurred on to know in greater depths the wonder of Jesus, our Passover Lamb, who shed his blood for the forgiveness of sins. Want to know more? Ask any of our Seniors who attend Eyes On Truth every Thursday afternoon from 2:00 – 3:30pm.

     passover 2

    passover 3

    passover 4

  • Thanks from Camp Tulahead

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    Thanks from Camp Tulahead

    On April 11, a team of volunteers from SBC spent the day at Camp Tulahead to help them prepare for the coming camp season. You can read about their day here.

    We recently received this card in the mail expressing thanks for SBC's support:

    thank you from Tulahead

    Dear Summerland Baptist Church,

    Thank you!

    I cannot express the impact of the investment your congregation has made at Camp Tulahead! I was amazed at the number of people from your community who attended our work day and I am incredibly grateful for the work you helped us complete.

    I am excited to see how we can impact the world for God’s kingdom together.

    Tim Metz

    For a better idea of what goes on at Camp Tulahead, view their latest promotional video:


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